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Elisey Mysin J.S.Bach concert in F Minor, Part 1/Tornado Elisey Mysin/B...

Elisey Mysin concert J.S.Bach in F Minor, Part 1 | Синяя птица 5 лет Сoncert J.S.Bach in F Minor, Part 1 Tornado Elisey Mysin Semifinal of the All-Russian television competition "Blue Bird" 2016. Teacher: L.D.Tikhomirova Music School №1, Stavropol Russia Follow me on.. Instagram: ________________________________________________________ Елисей Мысин 5 лет, фрагмент концерта И.С.Бах фа минор 1ч. Полуфинал Всероссийского телевизионного конкурса "Синяя птица" 2016г. Педагог: Л.Д.Тихомирова ДМШ №1 г.Ставрополь Мой Инстаграмм:

"Подмосковные вечера" - А. Нетребко - Д. Хворостовский. Красная Площадь.

Anna Netrebko - MOSCOW NIGHTS - Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Composer: Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy Василий Павлович Соловьев-Седой. Poet : Mikhail Matusovsk - Михаил Львович Матусовский.
Vocalist: Anna Netrebko (soprano) Dmitri Hvorostovsky (baritone) The Grand Choir "Masters of Choral Singing", conductor Lev Kontorovich State Symphony Orchestra of Russia, conductor Constantine Orbelian

Dmitri Hvorostovsky: Kak molody my byli (Как Молоды мы Были)

As we were young,
Оглянись незнакомый прохожий, Мне твой взгляд неподкупный знаком. Может я это - только моложе, Не всегда мы себя узнаем. Ничто на земле не проходит бесследно, И юность ушедшая все же бессмертна. Как молоды мы были! Как молоды мы были... Как искренне любили, Как верили в себя. Нас тогда без усмешек встречали, Все цветы на дорогах земли. Мы друзей за ошибки прощали, Лишь измены простить не могли. Ничто на земле не проходит бесследно, И юность ушедшая все же бессмертна. Как молоды мы были! Как молоды мы были... Как искренне любили, Как верили в себя. Первый тайм мы уже отыграли, И одно лишь сумели понять. Чтоб тебя на земле не теряли, Постарайся себя не терять. Ничто на земле не проходит бесследно, И юность ушедшая все же бессмертна. Как молоды мы были! Как молоды мы были... Как искренне любили, Как верили в себя. В небесах отгорели зарницы, И в сердцах утихает гроза. Не забыть нам любимые лица, Не забыть нам родные глаза. Ничто на земле не проходит бесследно, И юность ушедшая все же бессмертна. Как молоды мы были! Как молоды мы были... Как искренне любили, Как верили в себя. Српски: Осврни се, незнани пролазниче, твој честити поглед ми је познат . . . Можда сам то ја, само млађи, Не препознајемо ми себе, увек . . . Ништа на земљи не пролази без трага, и прохујала мадост је ипак бесмртна. Како смо били млади! Како смо искрено волели! Како смо веровали у себе! Тада су нас, без подругљивог осмеха, сретали сви цветови по путевима земље . . . Пријатељима смо опраштали грешке, једино издаје опростити нисмо могли. Прво полувреме смо већ одиграли. И само смо једно успели да схватимо: да те на земљи губили не би, потруди се да сам себе не изгубиш! На небу су догореле муње, и у срцима се стишњава олуја. Не можемо да заборавимо вољена лица, не можемо да заборавимо миле очи. Ништа на земљи не пролази без трага, и прохујала мадост је ипак бесмртна. Како смо били млади! Како смо искрено волели! Како смо веровали у себе! Хвала, тетка. ;) English: Look back, the unfamiliar passer-by, To me your sight incorruptible a sign... Perhaps I it - only am younger, Not always we learn ourselves... Anything on the earth does not pass completely, And the youth left nevertheless is immortal. As we were young, As we were young, As sincerely loved, As trusted in itself! Thanks to alkukh. ;)

"Mandshurian kummut" - Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Na sopkah Manchzhurii

Roy Clark – Yesterday, When I Was Young (1969)

Anna Netrebko, sop. - Grieg: Solveig's Song (2008)

Emma Kirkby - An Evening Hymn - Henry Purcell

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VIVALDI "Summer" (Four Seasons) – Apollo's Fire/Susanna Perry Gilmore, v...

Concerto for 2 Pianos in C Minor, BWV 1062: II. Largo ma non tanto

Johann Sebastian BACH: Adagio, BWV 974

Bach: Concerto for 3 Pianos BWV 1063 III. Allegro (David Fray, J. Rouvie...

Matthias Höfs BWV 51_No 1

What Child is This - Lindsey Stirling

Prodiges | La finale 2017 Danse | Suzie Symphonie n°40 Mozart

Jorge Donn, Bolero-1982.

37 oiseaux dans mon jardin / 37 birds in my garden

Grace Lehane playing to the cattle in Kilmichael Cork (Sharon Shannon s...

SET 1 Britches Full

The Paranoid Jig - J32 3c/4c - dev. by Judith Kowalczik (2019)

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King of the Fairies + Alister McAlister + Cup of Tea ~ Celtic Fiddle Tun...

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Happy St. Paddy's Day!! I hope you are healthy and well during these turbulent times. Here are three fun Celtic tunes: King of the Fairies (hornpipe), Alister McAlister (strathspey), and Cup of Tea (3-part reel). I believe King of the Fairies and Cup of Tea are Irish tunes, and Alister McAlister is a Scottish tune. Alister McAlister is usually played in B minor, but I think it sounds pretty good after King of the Fairies if it's played in E minor! =) Not everyone likes the idea of playing with the key signatures like that, but I like how tunes sound on the lower strings of the violin a little more than on the higher strings. King of the Fairies is a common dance tune. I've played it for Irish dancers, and, not going to lie, but it starts to get old after you play it for what seems like 500 times at slightly different tempos, lol....This version's tempo is at 130 bpm, which is much faster than most competition dance speeds, but it's a tempo that's fairly common at a session. I really like how strange of a tune it sounds -- the d and c sharps add quite a lot of mysteriousness to it. Cup of Tea has a really catchy beginning. It's definitely a tune that easily gets stuck in my head. I find the middle part of the tune to be the hardest -- there are a lot of notes to try to squeeze in there. To me, it sounds like the tea cup fell over in that part, but maybe that's just my imagination. "Tea" seems to have a different meaning for 2020 (meaning, "gossip"), and considering how the melody bounces between major and minor parts, I think it somewhat fits that newer definition, too... I hope everyone is safe from the Coronavirus.. =( I think it took people a little too long to realize what a problem it was going to be over here in the USA, but we're starting to take it seriously in

Colorado. I'm staying inside as much as possible. I've always been a bit of a homebody, but now's the time to really keep away from other people. I had just gotten into the habit of going to the gym to workout, too.. Oh well, such is life -- I guess I can try to workout in my apartment..? It really scares me that this thing is just getting started, and so much stuff seems to have happened already. I don't see an end in sight quite yet, but time will tell. Perhaps this virus will die off with heat? That would be nice, wouldn't it?! Lots of Irish parades and bar gigs for St. Paddy's Day have been cancelled this year. It's sad, but I see it as a necessary thing to do. I'm staying away from going to sessions, too -- the majority of the people who play this music are older and in the higher-risk demographic... All of this staying-in means that there will be LOTS of time to PRACTICE!!! :D Now I can finally sit down and try to learn Ragtime Annie -- that tune has been requested so many times! :o BTW, it wasn't cold when I filmed this. It snowed the day before, but then was 54 degrees Fahrenheit the day I filmed...Colorado has weird weather. :o Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a good rest of the week! Stay safe!! ~ Katy ------------ A big "Thank you" to all of my supporters on Patreon!! =)  Music store website: Artist portfolio website:

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Amazing Grace Best Version By Far!- Nana Mouskouri- HD 1080P with lyrics

Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton

Nana Mouskouri - L´enfant au tambour

Boney M. - Little Drummer Boy (1981)

Little Drummer Boy 2017

Ara Gevorgyan - Yerevan / Արա Գևորգյան - Երևան

Мартин Казарян - Sireci yars taran || The Second Moscow International D...

Природа голос дудук

Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel cover) - Mike Masse and Ste...

Scarborough Fair (Cello-Guitar Duo)

The Mission / How Great Thou Art - The Piano Guys (Wonder of The World 2...

어느 산골소년의 사랑이야기 ... 예민 -(가사)

Secret Garden - Serenade to Spring violin solo

This song is Serenade to Spring violin cover.

[Gracias Choir] 십자가 그 사랑 The love of the cross - 소프라노 최혜미&박진영

Gracias Choir de Seoul

[Gracias Choir] 엠마오 마을로 가는 두 제자

John Rutter: For the beauty of the earth

John Rutter: All Bells In Paradise - Official Video

John Rutter  All Bells in the Paradise  (King's College)

Si Bheag Si Mhor - Celtic Fiddle Tune

Here is a pretty Celtic tune called Si Bheag Si Mhor! I've been told that this tune was one of the first tunes that Turlough O'Carolan wrote. I believe it was originally written for the harp, and it sounds so gorgeous when played on the harp! I think the title means "Little Hill, Big Hill," and I've heard that it was written more in the context of a mythical fairy battle on the two hills.. (??) to me, that sounds really interesting, and if anyone has more information about what the inspiration behind the tune was, please let me know! Since the title of the tune seems to involve hills, I climbed up to the tallest hill I could find that had a pretty outlook to irrigated farmland. Colorado is typically very dry, and it is definitely a rare site to see anything that green around here! I think it is a beautiful tune! I hope you enjoy the video! Thank you for watching!
I think, you asked me something through the violin. and my answer is "Yes I Will" :) anyway your smile is so pure. thanks for your exist. 


Seo Uileo Thoil - Gaelic Lullaby | Katy Adelson

Seo Uileo Thoil - gaelic lullaby _ Katy Adelson
Here is a really pretty Irish air called, "Seo Uileo Thoil." Some people refer to this song as, "Irish Lullaby" or, "Gaelic Lullaby." I'm not really sure if it actually is a lullaby, but I think it sounds peaceful and pretty enough to be one. "" mentions a possible translation could be, "Knowing this grief," with the word "Uileo" meaning grief or mourning. I don't speak Irish, so I really have no idea. :o It's a pretty simple tune that is fun to create little harmonies to! I'd say this could be considered a good tune for beginners to learn. It mainly consists of arpeggios and scales played at a moderate tempo. I wrote out free sheet music with all the melodies and harmonies used in this video here:
I mainly had the two harmonies, but decided to play one version an octave lower to create another variation. I wrote out the octave lower versions to make them easier to learn and play for those who read sheet music. December is coming! I can't believe it! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and November! The year is almost over -- time flies! :o Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a good rest of the week! =) ~ Katy

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Captain O'Kane (Carolan) - Irish Music ~ Fiddle Trio | Katy Adelson

Swallowtail Jig - Irish Fiddle Tune!

Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig/Tripping Up the Stairs

The Coleraine Jig - Irish Fiddle Tune!

Tam Lin (The Glasgow Reel) - Celtic Fiddle Tune!

Reel Beatrice ~ French-Canadian Fiddle Tune! | Katy Adelson

Lady Mary Ramsay + Oyster Wives Rant (Black Mill Reel) + Tongadale - Sco...

Cold and Frosty Morning - Fiddle Tune! | Katy Adelson

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VICTOR HUGO  Gières  25 janvier 2020








IMG_6717  Set 10  Sonny's Mazurka 


                                        Activité Jazz du CorenCeltiC


lundi 20 janvier 2020

CABARET à  CORENC   Samedi 18 Janvier 2020
                         01416  Lucky Seven  Set 3 Maid behind in the bar (irish)


01418  Démo  Westminster Reel sur SET 22 Blackthorn Stick (irish)

lundi 13 janvier 2020


2019 120 07                                             
IMG_1151  SET 1  Britches

vendredi 10 janvier 2020

Le Samedi 22 Février 2020  à  VARCES  à la Salle ORIEL
 De 14h à 18h :  Minibal de Scottish Country Dances suivi d’un repas partagé.
 De 20h à 23h :  Ceilidh sur des musiques irlandaises

 Comme les musiciens « irlandais »du CeltiCorenC   ( 
)souhaitaient faire danser du monde, le Club de Danse Ecossaise de La Mure  )  s’est proposé d’organiser avec eux un Minibal de Scottish Country Dances . Pour cela il a fallu leur donner des partitions !

Heureusement, Roddy Johnston et Seonaid Lynn d’Ecosse, Emma Nixon et Iain Mckenzie d’Australie, leur ont consacré quelques heures à leur enseigner les rythmes typiquement écossais de la Jig et du Strathspey…

L'Accueil sera à partir de 13h

Le Minibal commencera à 14h, et se terminera à 18h   ; il coûtera 10€ par adulte (enfants, adolescents : gratuit)Le programme (ci-dessous) de ce Minibal répond aux souhaits des danseurs du Club qui préparent en ce moment le Spring Ball de Genève le Samedi 28 Mars 2020.

                                          Programme proposé

A 18h30  musiciens et danseurs partageront leur pique-nique.

Et à 20h commencera le Ceilidh écossais sur de la musique irlandaise ! et il sera proposé au public de Varces à raison de 5€ pour chaque adulte…

Contact : Jacques Arnoux 07 89 49 98 03 ou Elisabeth Arnoux 06 82 17 88 58 


2012   Démo à Susville (près de La Mure)



006  Old Nick's Lumber Room

14 juillet  Olga Ktenidou


1969  Summer School

Miss Milligan 

Bill Ireland conduit Miss Milligan

à droite, Michel Monfroy, 18 ans


2018  Démo au Bonlieu

An Autumn Posy

2017  Démo pour le Jumelage Annecy...


2018  Juin

2019  Juin  3 musiciens de Rumilly


IMG_6599  The Reel of the Royal Scots

IMG_6581  Montparnasse

jeudi 9 janvier 2020



2015  Pauline et Margot

                                              Wellingtonia Reel

                                                      Happy Meeting


00416  Miss Eleanor

                                                  Buckshaw  Reel


2017   Strathallan
                                                    It's Nae Bother  

2018   Bal avec Jim Lindsay et Ian Robertson


IMG_6631  Milton's Welcome


A Ring of Friendship

01290  Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart 


En 2003? En Chartreuse avec Martin Sheffield

Visite de John Cass de Newcastle


2012-2013                Fisherman's Reel 1  (avec Geneviève Bihry)

                                 Fisherman's Reel  2   (Chardon + la Mure)


2014  Eventa  Meylan  (Danseurs du Chardon et de La Mure)

                                                   Fisherman's Reel   

                                                    Johnnie Walker


2017  Fontaine  Démo de 3 Clubs: Le Chardon du Dauphiné a invité des danseurs du Méaudre Reel et de La Mure

The Piper and the Penguin

00595  Johnnie Walker

00597  Elephant's Stampede


2003  St Priest


2006  Barbara Manning

               Duke of Perth                  
       Barbara Manning (violon) & Ken Martlew  (piano)


2010  Patrick Chamoin, Keith Smith ; Sharlene Penman

Sword Dance et cours de musique avec Sharlene

2012  Lyon

                                          Highland     Janet Johnstone 

Farewell to Glasgow?

VTS_01_4   2012  Janet Johnstone & Les Lambert



Kamo Karousel

2015  Lyon

IMG_3767  Keith Anderson & Calum Mitchell


IMG_3801 Keith Anderson & Calum Mitchell


2016  Lyon  Nov.  KIRA

                                             Orpington Caledonians  

                                       00503  The Garden City Jubilee


                                       00869 Les Remparts de Séville

2018  Lyon


2019  Lyon

                      IMG_6332  Midsummer Common  (MacFadyen Sisters)


IMG_6318   Ramadan-ce


IMG_6338  Sleepy Maggie

ARCHIVES  Club de La Mure

2003  Aux Bastions (à La Mure) 

                                               Black Mountain Reel

2003  Aux Bastions                                   
                                                 Plantation Reel

2003  Nantes

                                    Polharrow Burn + Plantation Reel


2013  Nantes                                         

Muirland Willie

2014  Nantes-en-Rattier 


                                      IMG_ 2596  Linnea's Strathspey

2014   Nantes  groupe des enfants de l'école

Virginia Reel

2015  Cholonge, avec visiteurs de Grenoble et d'Australie

Fisherman's Reel

IMG_4242  Postie's Jig jouée par Victoria et notre regretté Yves Beillon
2016  Yves Beillon et Alan Grant  IMG_5358

Alan enseigne le rythme de la Jig à Yves


2016  Démo à Fugières

IMG_4676   MacDonald of Keppoch


2016   Grenoble  Clef

IMG_5163  Bonnie Tree


2017  Bal du 21 avril à Grenoble

    Catch the Wind


2017  Clef

IMG_4851  lady sophia lindsay music dumfries rambler


2017  Nantes  Kira's Birthday  31 décembre 20 ans

00971  The Toyboys of Toowoomba

00970  The Swans of Narrabeen

2018  Nantes 

2018  Avril  Workshop à Grenoble avec Sharlene


2019  Nantes-en-Rattier

                                             Anna Holden's Strathspey



1986   St Martin d'Hères

2014  A La Mure  Club de La Belle Epoque

                                         Club de la Belle Epoque

2014   La Mure                     Club de la Belle Epoque


2015  La Mure  00432 Club La Belle Epoque "Gâteau ou saucisson?"


2015  La Mure   00431 Club La Belle Epoque  Valse autrichienne